How to enable developer tab in excel 2016 step by step tutorial


Why developer tab?

Developer tab enables you to access much more in-depth tools like a visual basic editor - (helps in writing VBA scripts), record/run macros as per user needs, allows you to insert various form controls like buttons, textbox and much more.

Note: Developer tab/ribbon is not set to visible by default, it is up to user's choice whether to enable or disable.It is a one-time activity to enable it and it stays all the time.

Tools included in Developer tab,

The first section contains tools related to coding which includes tools like, Visual basic editor for creating scripts or editing recorded macros, editing form controls behavior.

Macros- This tool shows all the created and recorded macros which can be used.

Record macro - Used for recording macros in excel which is the greatest feature.

Macro Security - For protecting your macro from others or avoid illegal access to codes by password protecting.

Next, Excel add-ins there are many add-ins available for excel in online which can be imported from here.

Let us see how to enable the developer tab?

step 1:

First open a new workbook or any workbook you are currently working on,

step 2:

Click on the file menu from the menubar, which is located on top of the screen.

step 3:

After clicking on the file menu, you will see a new screen showing lots of menus available on the left of the screen, from that select options menu.

step 4:

After selecting options menu from the list, you will see a new dialog box stating excel options from that select customize ribbon menu which is available in the left pane and check the developer checkbox which is on the right pane and click on OK button.


Hurray! now you have successfully enabled developer tab, you can able to see developer tab added right next to view menu.


Method 2

Another way of adding developer tab is through right-clicking the menu bar and click on customize the ribbon and check the developer tab box in your right pane. Now you have successfully enabled developer tab in excel.

Note: If you wish to disable developer tab follow the above steps up to step 4, instead of checking the developer checkbox on the right pane you have uncheck it and click OK button. This will remove the developer tab from your menubar.

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